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Help Sani-Kure Donate Surplus Sanitizer!

Sani-Kure has a surplus of hand sanitizer that we'd like to donate to organizations that can use it. Lots of 4 oz and 8 oz spray bottles as well as 32 oz (Quart) and 128 oz (Gallon) refills.

Looking for suggestions of whom to donate to. Would be very helpful if you're also able to provide a contact within the organizations (or can act as the liaison) in order to arrange the donation. Local in NW Suburbs of Illinois is preferred as shipping incurs Dangerous Goods Fees. 

Thank you in advance!

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Our Commitment to Our Customers

Means providing a high quality product with no methanol or other harmful substances. We are an FDA registered facility which means we follow a policy of GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Where Was Your Hand Sanitizer Made?

With the current FDA recall of over 100 hand sanitizers that possibly contained toxic methanol, it is necessary to check where your hand sanitizer was manufactured. 

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