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Notes on Shipping Hand Sanitizer

Please note that ANY hand sanitizer containing alcohol is a flammable liquid. This means any size of hand sanitizer can NOT ship via Air unless properly packaged with the correct type of cushioning and absorbents, labeled and marked with the Dangerous Goods information, and accompanied by Dangerous Goods paperwork. Carriers such as UPS and FedEx also charge additional fees for handling Dangerous Goods via Air. This fee is usually around $100 per package. USPS only accepts Air shipments of products containing ethyl alcohol if you have authorization (there's an application process for this). Priority Mail is an Air service.

When shipped via Ground services (USPS Retail Ground, UPS Ground, FedEx Ground) the hand sanitizer is still required to be packaged with the proper absorbent material, cushioning and leakage protection. All of this should be placed inside a rigid BOX (NOT an envelope and NOT a padded envelope). A Limited Quantity sticker must be placed on the outside of the box. USPS limits the quantity per package to 16 ounces of net material (i.e. 16 ounces of hand sanitizer).


Please note that if these regulations are not followed, you can be endangering people's lives. We have Dangerous Good certified employees for Ground and for Air (IATA). All of our packages will follow the DG regulations.

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