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Our Commitment to Our Customers

As a small family-owned manufacturer, we are committed to providing top notch, personal customer service to all of our customers. We believe this customer service begins even before our product is made. Providing consumers with a high quality product that they can have complete confidence in using everyday, all day, is our main goal. 

To ensure our goal is met, we pay attention to the details right from the get-go. We did our homework prior to creating our Sani-Kure formula. Using WHO, CDC, and FDA recommendations as guidelines, our formulators developed our hand sanitizer formula to kill germs, deactivate many viruses, and moisturize your hands all within a matter of seconds!

Since our product is being applied to consumers' skin, we made sure that our ethanol was not going to expose our customers to dangerous substances. Methanol is used as a denaturant in many ethyl alcohol solutions. Our research revealed that methanol is on the California Proposition 65 list for causing Developmental Toxicity. Therefore we avoided using such ethanol solutions and opted for one that uses isopropyl alcohol (which is an active ingredient in many hand sanitizers), and propyl acetate. Propyl acetate is often used as a flavor additive and, because of its characteristic "pear-like" odor, can be found in fragrances as well. Neither of these ingredients are on California Prop 65 lists for causing cancer or reproductive toxicity.

Ensuring our main active ingredient was safe for consumers was just the beginning. We made sure that the aloe vera we use is 99.8-99.9% pure. Skin allergies were taken into account so that we took care to use a vegetable glycerin derived from soy. This allows people who are allergic to coconut oil or palm oil to use our sanitizer. (You can thank our employee with the nut allergies and highly-sensitive skin for this. She is very well-informed on allergies via life experience!)

We purposely chose to keep our sanitizer as a liquid spray. To make it a gel sanitizer we would need to add other ingredients such as a carbomer (thickener) which means the formula would need to be changed in order to maintain its effectiveness in killing bacteria which meant probably losing the excellent moisturizing effects. (The CDC, WHO, and FDA all mention that making a hand sanitizer a gel increases the risk that the formula will not be as effective.) With our formula already being tested and approved by employees, employee families, and our customers, we were loathe to mess with a good thing!

Our facility is FDA registered. This means we have taken the steps required to report to the FDA that we are producing hand sanitizer, and that our plant uses proper GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes). All throughout the production process, employees wear company-issued masks and use our hand sanitizer regularly to help maintain a clean and safe environment. Our shipping department employees will package your sanitizer bottles with the utmost care to ensure it arrives at your door safely. When we say safely, we also mean that all who are handling the package can do so with confidence that the package contents will not leak or burst. We have Dangerous Goods certified employees and we are approved to ship our sanitizer via most shipping methods, including USPS Priority Mail. All-in-all, we take pride in getting our high quality product into your hands, and are confident that once you get it on your hands, you'll love it just as much as we do!

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