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The Movies Have the Right Idea

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are now commonly known to be the most effective at killing bacteria and inactivating many viruses. What many people still do not realize is that shipping any mixture or solution that contains alcohol in such a high percentage (60% or more in the case of hand sanitizers) makes that item a flammable liquid. 

Flammable liquids cannot be tossed into a package and sent across the country just willy-nilly. Doing so puts anyone handling the package in possible danger, as well as those in close proximity to them.

Remember the last movie you saw that had a car crash and then the camera pans over to where gasoline is now spilling out of the tank. The liquid that everyone knows in their mind is extremely flammable is slowly meandering its way across the pavement toward a flame or spark. While the explosion that occurs in the movie is more than likely blown out of proportion (pardon the pun), the idea still applies in real life. A flammable liquid that is not packaged properly and leaks, could cause a fire if any source of sparks or flame were to be nearby. 

While people may think sending just one or two small bottles of hand sanitizer can't be that dangerous, we must keep in mind that hundreds of people across the nation could be thinking the same thing. This means then, that hundreds or even thousands of little bottles of flammable liquid might be traipsing across the country in improper packaging, ready to burst or leak out at any given moment. 


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