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Where Was Your Hand Sanitizer Made?

With the current FDA recall of over 100 hand sanitizers that possibly contained toxic methanol, it is more necessary than ever to check where your hand sanitizer was manufactured. Click Here to see the list of hand sanitizers to avoid.

The USA has many policies in place to help keep the public safe from things they may not even realize are in the products they use. California Proposition 65 is a good example of one of these policies. The list of substances under Prop 65 is constantly being updated as substances are evaluated or re-evaluated to alert the public of products that may have ingredients that are cancer-causing or that can affect the reproductive system, including fetal development. Prop 65 requires manufacturers to clearly label their products if there are any of these listed substances. Methanol is one of the substances on the Prop 65 list for developmental toxicity. 

Other countries may not have policies that are as stringent as ones in the USA. Manufacturers however, should be following GHS guidelines for classifying products. GHS stands for Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This is a system that is used worldwide in order to help clearly identify hazards that may accompany a product. With consumer goods such as hand sanitizer, you may not see these classification symbols on the label but if an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) was requested, you would see them on there. Following the GHS guidelines, any product that contains methanol should have a skull and crossbones symbol on the SDS. Per the GHS system, methanol is classified as Toxic if swallowed, Toxic if in contact with skin, and Toxic if inhaled.

Sani-Kure was well-aware that some ethanol solutions contained methanol and from the very beginning we made sure our denatured ethanol did not contain any toxic ingredients. 

Another reason to check where a product is manufactured is to make sure you are buying products made in the USA, because this helps boost the economy. With COVID shutting down many states for several weeks at a time, the US economy has been hit hard with many small businesses unable to reopen and many people now jobless. To help keep our country strong, purchasing products Made in the USA is more important than ever.

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