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Our COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Being a small business we care about each and every one of our employees like family and therefore preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a high priority to keep them, and their families safe. 

All employees have company-issued masks. Disposable masks are kept on-site in case anyone forgets their mask. Sinks with soap and water are available at all times. Gloves and hand sanitizer (obviously our very own Sani-Kure product) is readily available and recommended to be used frequently throughout the day. Social distancing is required at all times.

Employees are screened at the beginning of the day. If anyone has a fever or any of the other symptoms, they are to self-quarantine for at least 3 days. If symptoms persist than a doctor's visit and a Covid test are required. 

We are happy to say that to-date all of our employees are healthy and we strive to maintain the safe working environment.