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One Gallon Hand Sanitizer Refill, Extra Strength with Aloe Vera for Moisturizing

One Gallon Hand Sanitizer Refill, Extra Strength with Aloe Vera for Moisturizing

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Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer Spray with Aloe Vera

Sanitizes and Moisturizes

Price is for 1 Gallon (128 fluid ounces) of hand sanitizer spray in a pourable container. 

1 empty 4-ounce spray bottle also included. (Size sent depends on availability). Please note, only 1 empty spray bottle per ORDER.

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Actual appearance and color of bottles and/or caps may vary

** Now shipping to Alaska or Hawaii via Priority Mail **

Shipping within the continental USA is via UPS Ground because product is flammable. (1-4 day delivery) Canada shipments are via UPS Standard.

Orders will be shipped out within 1-3 days.

CDC recommends at least 60% alcohol content to effectively kill germs. Our formula is 70% making it extra strength! 

The WHO and FDA both advise formulas to be liquid and not gel, as the addition of the carbomer and other ingredients necessary to create a gel can lower the sanitizer's effectiveness.

Our alcohol-based formula is perfectly balanced with Aloe Vera to destroy the bacteria and germs but not your skin. So many of the hand sanitizers now available will dry out your skin. Use ours all day long and it will still leave your hands feeling softer and smoother.

No added dyes and contains no palm or coconut oil for those with skin allergies.

Convenient spray bottle with cap, perfect for Workplace, Home, School, Auto, Purse, Briefcase, Gym Bag, Diaper Bag, Everywhere!

For External Use Only